We offer an innovative approach to provide funding to Forex and CFD traders around the globe. We are traders who have a passion for identifying hidden talent in our community. E8 Funding has strived to create unique funding opportunities and an approachable way to become a professional, funded trader, managing our capital remotely from anywhere in the world.

Built by traders for traders, our team members have trading experience that spans back to the 80s and have successfully traded on all major financial markets from Asia to North America.

Our mission is to provide retail and institutional clients around the world with an exceptional trading environment that empowers them to reach their full potential.

What's Special about E8?

We strive to provide our trader with the most user-friendly funding experience possible; we cut no corners. Our strategic partnerships offer institutional liquidity and top-tier software solutions. We have our own engineers in-house to ensure you have the best experience at all times.

Trusted Trading Strategie
System all Time Online

We are developing our project into an international investment company. This change will allow us to create a global platform, where there will be a unique composition of retail traders trading the company capital in various ways and, on the other hand, investors will have the freedom to invest into a portfolio of traders of their choice.

  • Reliability. and Stability.

  • 99.9% uptime. Guranteed!

  • In-house repair center

  • Exclusive procurement services

While the concept is simple, we know that aspects of cryptocurrency can seem a bit complex. We're here to guide you through the basics of trading digital assets and how it's changing the way the world thinks about money and finance.

  • Reliability. and Stability.

  • 99.9% uptime. Guranteed!

  • In-house repair center

  • Exclusive procurement services

E8 Dashboard

Our simple, user-friendly dashboard,. The best way to analyze your most important trading insights.

Million Dollar Trader

Live the life of your dreams, on your terms! Manage up to One Million Dollars as a remote Funded Trader for E8.

U. S. Based Company

No games, or tricks we simply do what we say. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty.

Realible Executives

Made for traders, by traders. We know what you need to succeed.

" The main reason people struggle when trading forex is because of a lack of comprehensive knowledge that helps build confidence and strategy when your trading and learning to trade. We pride ourselves on providing the best forex education course for beginners and advanced traders."

We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding financial coaching and associated forex markets. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the industry which helps us register 5 star reviews across feedback platforms.

Guaranteed to Clients

Global 24/7 support

We pair our global 24/7 live chat with an extensive Support Center to help ensure your questions are answered and your needs are met around the clock no matter who or where you are.

Effective trading strategy

We implement trading strategy that has been tried, tested and perfected and pair it with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and trading options to maximize profits.

Server 99.9% Uptime Guranteed!

We contractually guarantee 99.9% of network access time, and uninterrupted power supply at least 99% of the time. We use two independent fiber optic uplinks alongside a third wireless back up for network redundancy.

Safe coin storage

95% of all Deposits are kept offline, air-gapped, geographically distributed cold storage. We keep full reserves so that you can always withdraw immediately on demand.

High performance trading platform

We designed and built a streamlined tading platform for newcomers and experts. Make easy deposits and hassle free withdrawals. keep track of your portfolio and grow your digital assets.

On-site and remote monitoring

Our facility has an integrated 24/7 equipment monitoring and repair system. Around-the-clock guards ensure additional security of your devices. We also provide you with secure online access to your devices, so you are always in full control, including all real-time settings of every device.